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Start your own ISP as business build your own network which will last for generation as there will be nothing then speed of light with your own fibre optic network. This will stand for at least two generation as predicted. As it’s a basic utility for everyone.

If you are looking for business to start then why not think about it where you can earn money when you will be sleeping. Yes that is what I am talking about. If you can provide internet 100 home and average rent is 30 pound you can get 3000 and fit 1000 then 30000 a month. We have presence at your local exchange and we need to feed your network that is the investment is. And this is the time as still lot of place need to run fibre optic cable as we have limited space of duct underground which will be full of fibre with other service provider as its big competition going on at city area with billion pound budget. So as we can put a fibre cable in a property we will be getting the service rent for next 5 to 10 years at very minimum cost to maintain the network. So only cost will be cabling fibre optic as much area as possible.

For example if one premises connection cost us £500 average then 100 premises cost will be 50000. And we will get average 3000 a month and that will be breakeven point.  So you will be paying us only giving you internet start from £500 a month. So you will be getting more than £2000 month after investing 50000 and it will be secured for three to 5 years or more.

All you have to do just choose your area start from your home network then neighbourhood. We have expert team who will be every step from scratch to until fibre exist in this world. We will be helping you how to start billing to your client or you can choose your own. We can build your website and apps with our expert team on your demand. We can host your website or your own metal server to our London data centre. If you are looking for space where you can host your Antminer or mining rip we are the best just pay for space and electricity comes with free dedicated ip address space and internet.

If you live in Greenwich and Newham area then you can able to do it and we can help you to build it as quick as possible depends on network survey work. We have full access to Physical Infrastructure access for telecommunication network in partnership with Openreach (BT). We own exchange rack both of this location. So you can get up to 10 gig connection from us in fraction of price. Please drop your contact details at our email then we will contact you back.

We are independent service provider and we are connected our network with other global partner for that reason if Openreach failed to provide internet for some reason we will be still connected with you as our network is run by our own data centre.

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